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Sole Proprietor

This Site is controlled and handled by dubistock. All pictures on this site are claimed by dubistock or its partners/benefactors and are secured by International copyright laws and global settlement procurements. Dubistock holds all rights not explicitly conceded by this agreement. The license contained in this agreement will end naturally without notification from dubistock if you neglect to consent to any procurement of this assertion. Upon termination, you should erase and pulverize all materials acquired from this site, duplicates and related documentation thereof. Furthermore, dubistock maintains whatever authority is needed to end this site without notification.


All of the downloaded content from this Site, generated or incorporated in by the software and information going with the product are licensed and authorized to you by dubistock. Utilizing our content or any protected innovation rights therein, is subordinate upon your acknowledgment of dubistock End User License Agreement (EULA) and any applicable Licensing Agreements.



All the content on this Site, including yet but not constrained to Images and related metadata collectively dubistock Content and additionally the selection and the course of action of the dubistock Content, are secured by copyright, trademark, patent, prized formula and other protected innovation laws and arrangements. Any unapproved utilization of any dubistock Content abuses such legislation and this Terms of Conditions. However, as explicitly provided in this or a different permit agreement between you and dubistock. Dubistock does not give any permission to express or authorize to utilize this Site, Site Services (as from now on characterized), or any dubistock Content. You concur not to duplicate, republish, outline, connect, download, transmit, alter, adjust, make minor works taking into account, rent, lease, advance, offer, disseminate, show, perform, permit, sublicense or reverse-engineer this Site or any dubistock Content. Likewise, you concur not to utilize any information mining, robots or comparable information and picture gathering and extraction strategies regarding this Site or any dubistock Content. Unless you enter into a permit concurrence with dubistock, you may not download, disperse, show/or duplicate any dubistock content. You may not uproot any watermarks or copyright notices contained in the dubistock content.

Dubistock services

You can access different administrations, according to your utilization of this Site and dubistock content. Subject to your consistency with these Terms and Conditions, any appropriate permit concurrence with dubistock and the law, you may utilize dubistock services. Dubistock remains the sole proprietor of all right, title and interest in these Services and holds all rights not explicitly allowed under these Terms and Conditions. Dubistock might adjust, supplant, or suspend any Site Services whenever, for any reason, with or without notification, in dubistock's only caution. Dubistock gives this Site Services on an ‘as-is’ and ‘as accessible’ premise. Dubistock or third parties acting on its behalf might gather information identified with your utilization of the dubistock Services. Dubistock may make dubistock Content accessible through its Services. You may not utilize any dubistock Content for any reason without first getting a permit to use such dubistock Content. Any utilization of dubistock Content by you should be administered by the appropriate permit understanding independently entered between you and dubistock. Showing and/or conveying to the general population any watermarked or unlicensed dubistock Content (whether consolidated into a subsidiary work or alone) constitutes copyright encroachment.

Your content

For any picture, content or some other substance you transfer or post on this Site’s ‘Your Content’, including however not restricted to the Site Services, you represent and warrant that:

By transferring Your Content, you give dubistock an unrestricted, worldwide, non-selective, eminence free permit and right to duplicate, transmit, disperse, publicly perform and show (through all media now known or in the future made), and make subsidiary works from Your Content with the end goal of permitting you to alter and show Your Content while utilizing this Site’s Services and chronicling or safeguarding Your Content for debate, lawful procedures, or examinations. The other licenses will proceed unless and until you expel Your Content from the Site, in which case the licenses will end within a commercially reasonable timeframe. Despite the prior, the permit for legitimate archival/safeguarding purposes will proceed indefinitely.

You may not transfer, post or transmit any picture, content or other content that:

  1. Infringes any third party’s copyright or other licensed innovation rights or any privileges of reputation or protection;
  2. Contains any obscene, defamatory, or unlawful or indecent substance;
  3. Abuses minors;
  4. Depicts illegal or violent acts;
  5. Portrays animal cruelty or savagery towards animals;
  6. Encourages fraudulent schemes or gives rise to a claim of deceptive advertising or unfair competition; OR
  7. Damages any law, statute or regulation.


If you believe that any of the images or other material made accessible by dubistock encroaches upon any copyright that you claim or control, YOU SHOULD INFORM dubistock immediately.


You concur that you will not:

  1. Participate in any lead that might constitute any infringement of any law or that encroaches any third party or dubistock privileges;
  2. Disregard any relevant legislation or regulations identified with the access to or utilization of this Site, or take part in any action denied by our Terms and Conditions;
  3. Disregard any third party or dubistock privileges or misuse, slander, harass, stalk or undermine another.

Account suspension

Dubistock may block, limit, disable, suspend or end your access to all or part of this Site, the dubistock Services, and dubistock Content anytime in dubistock's discretion, without prior notification or risk to you. Any behavior by you that, in dubistock's sole circumspection, limits or hinders any other person or element from utilizing or enjoying the Site or the Site Services is strictly prohibited and might bring about the end of your access to this Site or its Services without further notice.


Your utilization of this Site and the dubistock Services are at your risk. This Site and its services are provided by dubistock under these terms and conditions ‘as seems to be’ without guarantee of any sort, either express, inferred, statutory or something else. Dubistock explicitly renounces all guarantees of any kind, whether express or suggested, to each and any Site Services set aside a few minutes, including, yet not constrained to the inferred guarantees of merchantability, wellness for a particular reason, non-encroachment and some other guarantee that may emerge under any law.

Without restricting the previous, dubistock makes no guarantee that:

Dubistock makes no representations or guarantees that these Services will be permitted in your jurisdiction or not, or your utilization of these Services will be continuous or blunder free, that any of Your Content presented by you will be accessible through these Site Services, or it will be put away by the Site Services, that the Site Services will address your issues, or that dubistock will keep on supporting a particular element of these Site Services.

To the degree, any disclaimer does not have any significant bearing, all pertinent express, inferred and statutory guarantees will be restricted in length of time of 30 days after the date on which you have initially utilized these Services, and no guarantees should apply after such period.

Data protection

Dubistock will utilize and secure your information, for example, your name and address, as per the dubistock Privacy Statement, the content of which are joined by reference into these Terms and Conditions.