Privacy policy

Dubistock is fully committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of its user’s personal information.

When you sign up with dubistock, we ask about all your personal details or your corporate details, so that when you log on to our website server and services you will not be a stranger to us. Dubistock uses this information for customization and enhancement of your search process on our site and browsing the internet, as well as to inform you about the latest products that are suitable for you. The information we collect may be shared with our authorized service proxies for the same reason, but this, of course, will be after your agreement with us.

'Personal information' is any information that belongs to a person, may identify him/her or be used to locate him/her. All the personal information that we collect from you will be subjected to a strict privacy policy which may be modified and revised from time to time.

Dubistock reserves the right to refine and revise the Privacy Policy from time to time. We will inform you via the Site Home Page when performing any essential modification or change in the Privacy Policy, and later on, you can update your personal details and your own privacy options in the proper place, with the aim of changing the ways in which you allow dubistock to use your personal information.

Updating your Personal Information and your Privacy Options

You have full right to access, correct and edit your personal information or privacy options at any time you want. This is done by clicking on the menu 'Account Settings', where you can review and change directly most of your personal information. However, there are few pieces of personal information that you cannot change directly or indirectly, for security purposes, but only through our technical support by telephone or email (used for registration).

Collection and Use of Personal Information

As a visitor to our Website, you can browse a large part of it without the need to provide it with any personal information. However, when you would like to subscribe to the site to get certain content or services that require subscription, you may be asked to provide the following information:

When you apply for subscription as a contributor (photographer), you may be required to provide the following information:

Dubistock will check the validity of your information by requesting you to providing them with a copy of an official document that proves your identity, like your ID card or passport, as well as the residence visa in case you live in a foreign country. The number of the credit card will be used only for making sure about your name and address and will never be recorded in the Information Center.

How Your Personal Information can be used

We do not sell, lend or share your ID personal information with a third party in any way that is discrepant with the Approved special Privacy Policy.

The collected information can be used as follows:

Dubistock Website shall not send you any useless emails, except for the website advertisements that we consider useful, or special notices to be sent directly to your account. You may choose, if you wish, to receive or not to receive monthly news messages, during your initial sign up, or even by updating the privacy options on the page of your personal information, any time after registration.

Sharing Information with Information Providers / Agents?

The information of the credit card is used on external websites of reliable companies to process payment through them for the products and services that you purchase. According to our sure information, such companies do not keep, save, share or use this information for any other purposes.

We may also share this personal information with other companies that complete and provide services on our behalf, and we share only the necessary personal information for accomplishment of such services, and demand the companies we share some personal information to keep the information in a way that is consistent with our Privacy Policy and limit the use of such personal information to the completion of works and services related to dubistock Website.

We do not sell in any way whatsoever or provide other companies with personal information for marketing their products or services.

Apart from the above-mentioned, dubistock shall not share your personal information with any third party, but keeps the right to disclose this personal information if this is required by law in a legal way (For example, in response to a summons, bail, court order or any legal action), when we believe or think that the disclosure of such information is necessary for protection of our rights, avoidance of judiciary claims, protection of your safety or the safety of others, or for any issue connected with the public interest.

Protection of your Personal Information

Your personal information that you provided the Site with shall be protected in several ways:

Your access to this information by you personally shall be through the use of a password and a user name you choose by yourself. You should do your best to choose a mixed password that combines figures and letters, and to avoid telling anyone about it.

Your personal information shall be stored in secure server no one is authorized to access or operate except the authorized persons by dubistock.

Your personal information are stored safely and securely as soon as it is received by us in dubistock.

When you input sensitive information, like your credit card, in our application forms or our Registration Document, we always guarantee to convey this information by SSL secure technology.

We do our best to protect the personal information delivered to us by transferring it as soon as we receive it. Though there is no transfer way by the internet or electronic storage way that is secure 100%, we do all we can to protect your information, even if we cannot guarantee its security completely.

If you have any inquiries about the subject of the security of the website, you can send an email to: [email protected].


We do not accept any personal information from any user below the age of 18, so if you are under 18, do not enter your personal information on this site or use our website or our services. If you know that one of your children below 18 has entered his/her personal information, contact us on our email: [email protected] , so that we can delete this information from our database.

Tracking Technologies

Dubistock Website can automatically collect some information once you browse it, like the provider of Internet services, type of browser and its Edition, operating system, kind of contact, rate of time spent by the user on our site, the pages browsed, the information entered, the internet address used to connect your computer to the internet and other related statistics. This information is called the Network Analysis Data or Information Flow Data.


When you visit dubistock Website, we insert a small text file, called "cookies" on your computer, which allows us to provide you with suitable and easier means of web browsing, and also add enjoyment to your search and exploration. Most browsers allow you to reject the cookies file. I f you reject it you should to know that these pages may not be displayed accurately or clearly.