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Royalty free images

Royalty free

When you download a royalty-free photo or file from iStock, what you’ve actually done is license the rights to use that photo or content. You haven’t bought the file outright. A royalty-free license allows you to pay once (or pay one royalty) for the rights to use a file multiple times.

A single royalty-free photo may be licensed hundreds or even thousands of times, appearing in everything from major advertising campaigns to homemade postcards. A royalty-free license allows you to:

• License content that is relatively inexpensive compared to content shot exclusively for your project
• Keep using the content again and again with no time limit
• Use the content many different ways (ie: print, video, or on the web)
Don’t let the Free mislead you. Royalty Free (hereafter, RF) means that after the initial permission is secured, usually through money, additional uses can be made without payment. RF is multiple use free of royalties. Pay once, put the photo on a t-shirt, upload it to your website, print out some fliers, get it tattooed on your forehead. It’s all clear! But you still had pay for it at the outset.
DubiStock offers over 30 million professional RF stock photos at affordable prices. Our high-quality images start at just $3.00, and our generous license agreement gives you flexibility. We offer thousands of new images added weekly. First Photo stock site with dedicated Arabic keywords database and accurate human translation.